Tom Woollard is an Editorial & Commercial Freelance Photographer based in the rolling valleys of Bradford & Leeds in Yorkshire, U.K. — specialising in Photo Stories, Lifestyle & Documentary.

I never intended to be a photographer.

After studying photography & design at university, I decided to pursue being a full-time graphic designer, keeping photography as more of a side passion. A uni buddy and I even started our own graphic design studio straight after graduating - but well, we were young, and the reality of running a team and a business took its toll, when we really just wanted to be out skateboarding. So we packed up and went off on our own creative paths. Working for various design agencies in the years that followed I grew in experience and discipline, eventually moving up to Senior Designer and then Art Director. My love for design was (and still is) strong, but something was bugging me…

I noticed that the design projects I most enjoyed had one thing in common - great photography. After years of being a multi-discipline designer I’d naturally developed skills in image retouching, which gave me the opportunity to work on advertising photo shoots as an on-set retoucher. Watching the professional photographers jumping around on set, building up their lights, directing the talent, and seeing the magic pop up on my screen - I tell you, the lightbulb above my head didn’t just light up - it exploded - BANG I was hooked - THAT was what I wanted to do. Cue the music from ‘Rocky’, many intense years of obsessive training, and fast-forward to today.

I feel humbled and grateful every day that I now get to make photos as a profession, having had the privilege to photograph models, actors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, musicians, athletes and many more awesome people, whilst traveling to amazing locations along the way.

I give my all when I’m on set because I truly love it. If we work together you will get everything I have to give.

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